Simplest Step Towards Solving The E-Waste Crisis

Sit Back & Relax.
We Come To You!

Environa is a student-run volunteer initiative to tackle the environmental and health hazards, arising out of reckless disposal of electronic waste and raise awareness about the same.

We provide assistance to citizens who wish to dispose of E-waste responsibly but are unable to do so due to long-distance and other factors that serve as hindrances to safe E-waste disposal.

We collect a variety of E-waste from appliances to electronics, everything!

1. You Schedule

2. We Pick Up

3. We categorize, and do a bunch of other stuff!

4. E-waste is recycled.

Our Services

Pick Up & Delivery

Users can schedule a pickup, via the site.

Awareness Campaigns

Regular awareness campaigns (online, offline) for the e-waste crisis. Do check out our blog!

Local Collection Drives

Areas which do not have immediate access to e-waste recycling units, we’re there to help you out!

Providing parts to electricians and workshops.

After categorizing the waste, if there are any working parts that might be of any use we sell it to hardware shops and electricians at a very nominal price. The money is strictly used only for facilitating our deliveries and providing user benefits.

Our volunteers are currently active in a number of cities across North-India. Delhi, Bhiwadi, Rewari, Rohtak, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Jhansi, Bathinda, Kanpur, and Lucknow. We provide doorstep-pickups and ensure that the waste reaches the right recycling unit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Contributions from houses.


Registered Recycling Centres.



IMPORTANT: All pickups and operations have been postponed until further notice. Coordinators will keep you informed.